Wednesday, July 8, 2009


There was a time when, for months, I had a bagel for breakfast. Either with cream cheese or bacon and egg. Or cheese and ham. Or just toasted with some butter. I couldn't get bored with them.
One of these days I noticed on someone's blog the making of bagels and got me curious, so I started looking for more recipes. For some reason I decidedto try this one, and made my bagels more or less according to this recipe.

They tasted just like the ones from the bagelshops. The only difference was that the next day these were just as soft as after baking them, while the bought ones get harder even packed in ziplock bags...

Have fun!

Resting the dough before shaping:

After shaping resting again for 20 minutes:

Boiling them for a minute on each side:

Sprinkled according to your tastebuds:

After baking them for 20 minutes:

Deffinitely will do it again!

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